The Whole Bundle



Hire Brittany as your postpartum care provider.

*save on individual services when you book the whole bundle !

The whole bundle includes:

  • On call support beginning during active labor and lasting through the first 40 days after the birth
  • 7 postpartum massages for the mother including uterine massage in order to promote quick healing, proper uterine placement and continued hormonal health.

          *In the case of a birth by C-section the massaging will not include uterine massage.

  • At least 10 home visits within the first 40 days of the birth.
  • A personalized class in infant massage for baby and mother
  • One ‘recuperation kit’ …. A basket full of all natural, handmade products for Mother and baby delivered to your home at the end of the birth including organic diaper cream, nipple butter, stretch mark serum, cleansing body scrub, medicinal bath soaks, soothing spritzer and nutritional postpartum teas
  • Lactation support beginning after the baby is born and lasting until at least 40 days postpartum
  • 2 classes in postpartum nutrition classes for Mother (and the whole family) during which Brittany will prepare meals that can be frozen and heated up later for Mother’s convenience. These classes are preferably done before the baby is born.
  • Placenta encapsulation (or other processing)
  • Intellectual and emotional resources for the Mother and family from the time that you hire Brittany as your postpartum care provider until at least the 40th day after birth



    800$ Dollars US