Medicine Making

Medicine Making

Medicine Making:

  We will gather to learn invaluable medicine making tools which can serve as our allies throughout all seasons of Life.

 During this day long workshop we will delve into the world of medicinal plant knowledge through the studies of identification, classification and ethnobotany while also gaining hands on experiential knowledge of the many forms of medicinal preparations.

  Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned herbalist (or just a human being) you are sure to walk away from this event with an enriched skill set for living full, healthy lives on Earth. 

What we will cover during Medicine Making (part 1):

  – A brief yet informative discussion on ethnobotany and the timeless relationship between plants and humans. During this discussion we will explore and note some of the most ancient ways people have administered plant medicines.


  – Basic understanding of major constituents contained in plants which make them medicinal for humans.

  – Profiles of 7 highly medicinal plants growing in abundance in Canada. A plant “profile” indicates that we will cover the properties of and uses for that particular plant along with how to properly identify it.

  – 7 different ways of preserving and administering medicinal plants. These ways include but are not limited to tinctures, salves, poultices and teas. We will learn the step by step process of each preparation as well as have the opportunity to make one type of plant medicine to take home with us.