A Midwives’ Medicine Cabinet

A Midwives’ Medicine Cabinet

  (Herbalism for Midwives, Doulas and birth workers)

  On the afternoon of June 2nd  I invite you to take a peek into a Midwife’s medicine cabinet and see for yourself what some of our strongest herbal allies are when working within the realms of birth and well woman care. You are sure to walk away from this workshop with an immense amount of highly practical yet age old knowledge of how to apply your herbalism skill set to the childbirth and fertility process.

 During our time together we will:

 * Identify and discuss the notable constituents of numerous medicinal plants which ease and assist during pregnancy, birth and postpartum as well as plant allies that lend themselves to human fertility and sterility. We will also cover the specific instances for which these herbal allies are best applied.

 * Gain invaluable knowledge on longevity and self-care practices.

 Whether it be Herbalism or Midwifery, when we choose to dedicate our lives to a profession that so intensely serves others it is key to continually widen our tool belt of endurance and immune building medicinal plants and wellness techniques.

  * Explore ways in which herbal medicines have been (and still are being) administered throughout the birth process in an ancient and non-westernized manner. We will discuss traditional Indigenous ceremonies surrounding the birth spectrum.